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Wordpress Question


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I've been seeing wordpress everywhere I look. So how does it come in to play?

I downloaded it, and I don't think you guys are talking about blogging . I see a lot of people talking about layouts. Although I went and downloaded a theme and opened up the CSS file. I mean is this what every one uses it for? Or is it more for the PHP or what? I'm confused. I mean wouldn't it be better to design your own layout and look, rather than just create a html page and link a pre-made stylesheet to it? Please shed some light on what everyone uses wordpress for and maybe a link to get me in the right direction.



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I switched to using Wordpress for websites because it allows the site owner to make minor content changes without the risk of messing up the layout. My sites are pretty basic in layout and features, but with its many Plugins, Wordpress is a powerful 'machine'.


The site I created for my webdesigning is your basic Wordpress setup with a theme I made myself. If you peek in my portfolio, the house cleaning site is also a 'home-made' WP Theme, but the site itself doesn't have a Blog or even look like anything WP - yet the client still has the option to log into the Panel and make content updates.


I don't think people create their own html and just attach a WP Theme stylesheet - but I guess anything's possible.


Does that help?

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Yes, sort of. After I posted that I realized that wordpress.com and wordpress.org are two different things which cleared some things up. I understand what everyone uses it for now, which makes sense. But could you explain how you do that? All the information I've read on it just seems foggy. I'm not sure how to word it. Um.. So, lets just say I have a site ready for a client.. but i wanted to do what you're talking about, and have it

where they can go in and update the content later on if they need to instead of calling on me. Is it wordpress itself that does that? Or are plug-in's needed? Basically.. do you know any links that explains how you interpret wordpress into your workflow. Or how to use wordpress as a tool in general?


You did help a lot on clearing up WHAT it was used for. That makes a lot more sense lol.

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It has to be a Wordpress site - you can't just update any ol' site with the Wordpress Panel.


But assuming you build your site as a Wordpress site, you can set different permissions for different people. So you would be able to allow the client access to content-related stuff, but not theme-related.


And Wordpress itself does that - it's part of the whole package.


Plugins are not needed, unless you want extra features. For example, I use a plugin for my contact form. However, there are thousands of plugins for all kinds of stuff.


And I'm not quite sure what you mean by interpreting WP into workflow, but it makes me think that you haven't quite understood how Wordpress works. Maybe just setting up a test site and just clicking around will give you a much better idea than long explanations? Other than that, the WP sites themselves are full of documentation and forums for specifics.


Feel free to ask any questions here, but my own knowledge of WP is limited to the basics.

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