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Naother newbie on this site!


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Hi folks, hope life is good for you wherever that may be.


I'm new to this site and web design. I'm teaching myself from scratch using "Building Websites for Dummies" and w3schools dot com. I am an absolute beginner, and at this point need help for a lot of what seems to be assumed knowledge in the field.


I know plenty about computers from the user side, but have never actually coded anything beyond "hello world" basic programs. I'm old enough to have used PC's with OS's other than Windows or Mac OS (VIC 20, Sinclair Spectrum or Microbee mean anything to anyone here?) but please don't hold that against me - I know my goatse from my 4chan and used to be quite a gamer until I took an arrow in the knee. I just don't have a clue about building websites and want that to change.


I'm in need of a guiding hand and patient assistance as I try to realize a vision I have for a couple of websites, complete with e-commerce facilities & third party ads. The responses Ive read to other peoples issues so far seem helpful and friendly, and Im hoping for the same for myself.


Thanks for reading, and see you in the boards! :)

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E-commerce often uses PHP. It's best to download a package and install it and then edit it, as security issues are very important and you shouldn't try to code an e-commerce site manually from the beginning.


If you want to use server-side processing for PHP, you can either test online after uploading to your host or download Apache server inside WampServer2 or XAMPP which will give you phpmyadmin to code PHP and also MySQL in case you need a database.


Most people start using PHP for "include" files which mean you only have one file to edit and you can include the code like a menu on lots of pages with a .php extension

<?php include ("header.inc"); ?>

where header.inc is the "include" file

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As a matter of interest:


I had a hair-tearing time installing Apache - I could not get the browser to see the localhost / message confirming Apache was running. I uninstalled, and loaded up WampServer2 but had the same problem. I googled my google off trying to find fixes, many of which included editting system files, turning off firewalls, making sure there was not Port 80 conflicts and checking IPv4 and IPv6 were enabled, but no joy. Found the ApacheFriends website which is a support forum for XAMPP, so uninstalled WampServer2 and loaded up XAMPP. After a bit of pfaffing around I found a forum entry advising the following fix:


Run the command prompt in administrator mode and type <netsh winsock RESET /add helper wshelper.dll>, then reboot.


This works! :D


Edit: I'm using Vista 32 bit


Anyhoo, problem solved. Excelsior!

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