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I am a beginner and my href links arnt linking to each page like it should , it shows up on the page like a link but when you click on it , the internet explorer page pops up this page can not be viewed ,I included my link code , maybe someone can see something I didnt I bet I watched the videos I got from killersites 40 or more times to see if I missed something.If its not the code then it may be a internet explorer setting issue.I just dont know and I want to get pass this and put products and pictures , but I need to learn this first.




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You should really start a new thread for this, not hijack a sticky.


The code is fine.


Have you uploaded the files you are linking to? Are they in the right directory (in this case, in the same folder as your index.html)? Did you make sure the files are spelled exactly as the names you use in the code? File names are case sensitive.


Also, it's best to always begin your file names with lower case letters.

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I am very new , I understand case sensitive and yes I made sure the file name is same as the code name , the ones that begin with a cap is what is seen by on site.As far as tread or sticky ,I do not know that jargon , sorry , I am not exxagerating I am new , I bought stefan beginners webdesign videos and really tried to go by him exactly , I am not sure whats wrong .It shows up on the page when I view page on internet explorer as a link, but when I click on it to go to that page , I get the internet explorer cannot display this page .

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I moved this part into its own thread....


Do you have your site uploaded somewhere or is it just on your computer? - if uploaded, post the link.


What do you mean by this:

he ones that begin with a cap is what is seen by on site.


But again - there are only 4 reasons a link is broken:


1. Discrepancy between the exact spelling/typing of the actual file name

2. Path issue (are the files in the exact same folder your index page is in?)

3. File that's being linked to isn't uploaded

4. Error in HTML or CSS linking code

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the internet explorer page cannot be viewed , I tried today to rewrite the code a differant way , a simple way and no luck .could it be a internet explorer setting on my computer ,I dont know if it has anything to do with it , but I have a trial version of dreamweaver on my computer ,I am trying it out ,but I am still trying to write the code myself .I want to get this worked out so I can learn how to add style , pictures and products to a page , and I am going to have to find out how to add code for a shopping cart .But first thing first.I did go back to the code and carefully looked at spelling and letters make sure everything was same as the files ,its all good as far as I can see.

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When 'the pages open in IE' - what is in your browser's url bar? And I do notice that in your last code, the file names are lower case, but in the first one, they are upper case. If your html has this in it:


you have to have a file called tops.html (not Tops.html) uploaded to the SAME directory that your index.html is in.


When you say 'click on the pages' - do you mean you click on the link on a page? And if you cannot get from home page to tops and from tops to pants - how do you get to tops to try to get to pants?

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Print Jacket $20.00

i am trying to list products on the page ,the picture will not show up .


Edit the filename to scrub_pics/printjacket.jpg and edit the code to

printjacketPrint Jacket $20.00


.jpg is the same as .jpeg but some servers don't recognise .jpeg. Keep a copy of the original .jpeg file just in case you corrupt it editing the extension to .jpg, but that's unlikely.


Also check the path to the folder images, the images folder should be inside the folder where your html file is.

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still wont work and the path is ok .this is working to good , I need to list items on a page like a catalog and style it .my css isnt working either .How do you have buttons across top with drop downs for the differant menu cats.stef didnt cover that .I also want to know how to put background colors and make frames to encase the page or navigation.I got alot to learn ,I got the pages to link together , and a logo and thats it .my css dont seem to work on the navagation elements.I appreciate all your help .

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For drop down menus I suggest cssplay



Choose one, open View / Source and look for the code for the example and copy the head section style tag styles (probably beginning #menu) and the relevant html markup probably inside

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id strongly suggest looking over the code as it seems to be my problem everytime it is not the program you are using i would highly doubt it i would deffinately consider overlooking the code a few more times and make sure you close every rule you make in css i forgot to close just one and nothing worked but i soon seen the problem after several smokes and a few paces around my loungeroom lol


also just make a header tag (example)

Title in here


just to run a quick test, just copy and paste from here so you do it right


then apply the css to just that type of header then in css make the rule as i show you,


h2 {

border-top:2px solid black;

color: red;



and make sure you save then go and have a look and see if that made any change, you should have a border above the Header and the header its self should be red fingers crossed if that don't work your just going to have to copy and paste your code for someone to have a look at it for you...

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also here is the hyper link tag to copy and paste if how you typed out your css file is the same as how it is in your directories then you should be right and also make sure you have your pages correct so they all link up and remember if you have your css in another directory from where your page is you want css to be displayed with you have to make sure you have the level side of things set right if all of your pages are on the same level then of course ignore what i just said and just copy and past this into your page where your old one is and it should be right,


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