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NVu - Really Buggy?


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i have been using NVu for a couple of weeks because i want to create a site for someone who is not very tech savvy but who wants to be able to update it on his own. Also the software is free and he is on a tight budget. I really want to like this software but i am finding it seriously buggy. For example, the app keeps crashing, and there are serious problems with the text function: text options unexpectly are greyed out and no matter how many times the application is started and the page reloaded the text function is never available again. i have to recreate the page.


has anyone experienced this?

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I've never heard of it, to be honest.


Comparing it to 'a complete web authoring system' to rival that of Frontpage and Dreamweaver is probably the reason why.


I'm pretty sure there is an open source editor, though, that does rival that of Dreamweaver, but I don't know what it's called?


Still, if you really want your friend to be able to manage his website confidently, then how about something like Rapidweaver?


Or, if you really don't want to go down that route how about googling for an online version of what you're looking. I've never used one myself, but they do look promising. :)

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Oh, silly me. I should have directed you to the link that is (for now) sitting right above this one... :rolleyes:




Anyway, I have read that NVu isn't being maintained, so you might want to go for 'KompoZer 0.7.7'. Not sure I would, but I did find something that looks as if it is a bit more serious...


Quanta Plus


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