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Cache Recreate in Dreamweaver CS5


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I've recently attempted some tidying up in Dreamweaver and moved a couple of folders around during which I received this message:

"The cache will now be recreated because the name, root folder, HTTP address of cloaking settings of the site have been changed."


I tried to close the dialogue box, but the system went ahead and recreated the cache. I now have a total 'bugger's muddle' in DW where one of the folders I was moving has become the top level folder and every single thing on my desktop including links, miscellaneous folders, DW folders etc are sub folders of it.


I've read quite a bit since about cache recreate and think I understand what it's supposed to do, but I can't see why it would have done what it has.


Has anyone used cache recreate, and what was the outcome?


Many thanks

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