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Hello everybody, new here


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Hello everybody here at Killersite.com/community. My name is James McConnor, 24 years old, living somewhere in the Netherlands. Say what? It`s a country somewhere east of the UK, in case you were wondering. My hobby`s obviously include PHP but programming in general. I`m doing my Masters in Engineering, which is all cool but I have a close connection to Computer Sciences as well. It was a hard call, but the right one hopefully!


My father is Scottish in case you thought: odd name for someone from the Netherlands.. However, I have no affiliation or what so ever in regard to my fatherland. My native language is Dutch, so forgive me for any weird spelling mistakes, I don`t do them intentionally :)


Anyway, I`ve been programming for some time now. Safe to say I had my ups and downs. I never really stopped and really learned any particular language specifically, even though I manage to get my projects done. I started out with some simple HTML and soon learned CSS as well. After that, I started looking into C and C++ which got me hooked on programming. I built some small games in C++ and even created my own small library haha.


After that, i started looking in to web programming. PHP was the obvious choice so I kinda stuck around to see how far that would get me. Turns out, I haven`t gotten there :) Which is one of the reasons I`m joining this community. Anyway, I hope this small intro will help clarify who I am. Hope to see you soon in the forums!



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