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Going to start my very first website. Is Dream Weaver the way to go?

Her Amun

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Depends -if you're only going to create one site every, then dreamweaver is way too expensive. There are plenty free wysiwig editors out there.


However, if you want to actually learn about webdesign, then start with notepad and a few good tutorials - plenty right here on killersites. Dreamweaver is only a tool for the job, you still need to understand what you're doing.

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If you want to start a message board like this, you don't really need much coding experience.


You download and install the complete package with hundreds of php and database files which insatll themselves automatically.


You then use the admin menus to set up the forums and permissions, etc.


When I set up a forum I only needed to edit the image in a file so that I had my own header image, the rest was via the admin menus.


The forum has its own pages, you need coding experience for separate website pages which link to it if you want, but a forum on its own doesn't need a separate website.

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This was not written by any of us, it is a forum called PunBB. You just download it and upload it to the server.


This is not web design, this is hard core web programming. You have to understand a language like PHP. Database design and management. Database and programming security to protect members... None of us even bother trying to that. These are dedicated programmers who do nothing but keep these CMS and Forums up to date with the latest bug fixes and security patches.


Alternative Editors for Web Development


Dreamweaver is for professionals to speed work flow and time management. It is a waste of money for most others. They buy into the legend.

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