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Hi Folks


I am busy with a new project for a client and I need some advice.

I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop CS4 but looking to upgrade and find a product that can help me find a solution.


What I am wanting to achieve: prdctftr1289.jpg


I have a cellphone cover image that I took but I want to be able to add my own design (pattern) onto it. The finished item should reflect the sample image above.


Are there any manipulation software or any adobe product that's able to do this.


I am open to your suggestions.


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I'm really not sure what you're trying to do or what kind of project you are talking about. Are you building websites or cellphone covers? And where do you want to add your own design to? Your cellphone cover?


But aside from that, there probably isn't anything in the world of image manipulation that Photoshop cannot do. but if you can be a bit clearer, we can probably help you better.

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Guest imranrobin

As far I know, there is no software of manipulation. But you can manipulation any image by using Photoshop software. I am a professional Graphic designer. I can help you, If you want. Thank you. :mellow:

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