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I'm working on a WP site that has a RESET CSS implemented.


The problem is the reset doesn't allow certain controls in the WYSIWYG editor because it zeros out things like td, tr etc. So I can apply cell padding for a table using the editor but it doesn't take effect on the site because they are set to zero in the reset.


If I redefine those tags in the css (while leaving them in the reset)that creates a static style for those tags and I cant override them in the editor.i.e. td tr{padding:5px}


So what are my options. Should I just remove the tags from the reset that I need to be dynamic?


I hope that made sense.



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I can't image why tables are used in any WP templates but if you are using tables within your WYSIWYG editor then you can override those reset styles by apply inline styles. However, this could be cumbersome. The best way is to apply a class for that table and then add your css styles to the bottom of the styels.css file. Otherwise, you can simply remove or edit the reset styles to fit your design.

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I have been searching for an answer on this and couldn't find one.


I didn't know if the RESET CSS technique is appropriate or makes sense when using a CMS. I guess it makes sense for some things but what about items that are going to be dynamic and have different values.


I couldn't figure out how the 2 were supposed to work together. I figured I could remove the tags I need to be dynamic from the RESET but I also thought that defeated the purpose of the reset.(to zero out and avoid cross browser differences)


I'm not using tables for the framework of the site simply adding some content to pages.


There are 2 problems with adding a class like you suggested.


A. I think that means I am then restricted to use x-pixels( a set number) for my padding. If I want to add another table with some different padding I would have to then create another class. (correct me if I'm wrong)


B. I have not figure out how to add my css styles to the styles tab under the editor for quick easy styling. I do not want to have to do it by adding the class in the source view. I think I can figure out how to get that to work, so in reality it's not a major drawback, but A. is.


I guess I will just remove the tags from the reset that are going to be dynamic.


If I did not comprehend your suggestions properly, or am incorrect at all please let me know. I still have A LOT to learn about CSS.



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