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hello everyone....i was wondering if someone can help me out with this.....


i am trying to create a search query but it doesn't seem to be working properly.....


i want it to search all of the columns in the database for something LIKE the posted search data.


here is my code....


	name LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	first_name LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	last_name LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	city LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	province LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	country LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	industry LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	pro_des LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	about LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	strengths LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	orgs LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	my_website LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	about_my_company LIKE '%$search%' OR 
	program LIKE '%$search%' ORDER BY paid_membership DESC LIMIT $start, $limit";


for some reason this doesn't do what i'm looking for.


can anyone help me with this?



all i want to do is find a good way to search all the fields for something similar to the typed in phrase.

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