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Have I been conned?


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For various reasons, i decided that the best place to host my site was ipage



This morning, I had a livechat with 'sales' at ipage. Sadly, I did not keep the transcript but I was told that I could obtain the domain name for $13.99 which compares well with the $19.99 at godaddy.


This afternoon i returned to set up the account. The account set-up wizard will only allow the account holder's own credit card, but since I am using another credit card, I had to set up the account through livechat again.



Matt Benson: If you wish, I can setup an account for you from our console, so that you wouldn't need to have the hassles of registering the account yourself.

Matt Benson: I will setup the account and activate it immediately.

Matt Benson: I will also help you with registering a domain for you.

Jonathan: ok

Matt Benson: Let me know the domain name that you wish to register.

Jonathan: XXXXXX.asia

Matt Benson: Unfortunately, we do not provide registration service for .asia domain.

Matt Benson: You can register any other domain with us.

Jonathan: Wait a second

Jonathan: I have asked this question several times

Matt Benson: Or, you can register it with other company and host it with us.

Jonathan: and the last person I spoke to is morning gave me a price of $13.99


It is clear form the above conversation that I do not yet own the domain name in question, is it not?


It is also clear that Matt Benson understands this. He clearly tells me to register the name elsewhere and to host with ipage.


It transpires that (of course) domain names less than 60 days old cannot be transfered.


I have not yet bought the domain name in question. It occurs to me that perhaps I can buy it without hosting it anywhere and simply place it at ipage, but I have no idea where to begin.


Is there a quick fix?

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I've been hosting with iPage for going on 2 years now, and have had only positive experience with them. Based on that, I would not think they'd try to con anyone, more likely there was a misunderstanding of miscommunication.


Where they list their domains http://www.ipage.com/product/domainRegistration.bml - there is no .asia, but .asia does show up as an option with Godaddy - maybe it wasn't clear to the first rep that the domain name you wanted was a .asia one?


It is clear form the above conversation that I do not yet own the domain name in question, is it not?
It's clear at the point where Matt asks for the domain name you want to register, but it sounds like up until then, he did not know you wanted an .asia domain.

Registering a domain one place and hosting someplace else is very common practice, some even recommend it.

Mainly, I get the feeling you don't quite understand how this domain name and hosting stuff really works.

You get your domain name with registrar A. You have a hosting account with host B. Host B will let you know what DNS numbers your account has, and then you go to Registrar A and add that info to your domain. Then when you go to www.yourdomain.com, you will get pointed towards your hosting account with Host B.

If you decide to change hosts, you get the new DNS number from your new Host C, go back to Registrar A, and change that info associated with your Domain, and next time you go to www.yourdomain,com (well, sometimes it takes a few hours to make the switch, but only sometimes), you see whatever you have hosted on Host C's servers.

Transferring the domain is something else, that's when you decide you no longer want to use Registrar A, but want to do business with Registrar D instead, and that's where the 60 day issue would come into play.

And the reason that some recommend to not register and host with the same company is for protection. I would not worry about this with reputable hosts (and in my opinion, iPage definitely is reputable), but if you encounter some sleezeball operation and host and register with them, then you have issues with the hosting account and switch hosts, but they have the domain and hold is hostage, you would have some issues. but if you never hosted with them to begin with, there's no reason for them to do such a thing.

Does that explain things a bit better?

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Andrea is correct. You are not being conned. If you don't want to pay $19.99 at Godaddy for a domain then go to Network Solutions. They will register .asia domains. You also have the option to host it there as well but is not required.


If you still don't understand Andrea's explanation then think of youself and your car.


you = domain

car = host

keys = dns


"You" can drive a "car" using the correct "keys"


The "domain" can point to any "host" you want using the correct "DNS".


If you should ever decide to get a new car(host) then you just replace your old keys(dns) with the new ones.


So go ahead and find a company you prefer that will register your domain name and then go shopping for a host. Otherwise, host it where you registered your domain.

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