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I'm currently working on a new web page design for someone, and everything is going well. Well, the graphics that I've either bought and, or the one and only graphic to date that I've created recently are making this new project look promising -- to me.


It must be a great feeling being a web designer right now, and or a graphic designer, as there are now tons of resources out there. Quite some time ago when there never seemed to be enough resources. I even, at one time, contributed to that mix myself. Of course, things are different. I mean, I can't imagine anyone being able to keep up with the likes of Smashing Magazine, noupe, psdtuts, and goodness knows how many more resources that there are out there, and even here too. :D


Still, having said that, I'm still going to have to create some interesting design workarounds in-order to fill in the gaps of my knowledge and to also satisfy my own perceived demands.


Not being a graphic designer or web designer who can easily conjure up and turn any envisioned graphics into reality isn't such a tall order these days. I can still be inspired by all the trends currently sweeping us by, and if that weren't enough there are plenty of places in which to procure the right material...


Now, normally, I would just leave a few links, and expect that you'll have a look-see, but most of us aren't interested (so much as we used to be) in seeing a new website link, so whenever I come across a Photoshop link that pertains to achieving a certain task I will pop it off here. I could simply create my own spaces and places for these resources, but I want to make an effort to mostly remember them. If I just leave them laying around on my hard drive I might not find them again. :o


Also, I thought it might be an idea to not create a new post every time I find a new resource, so instead, I think it might be a better idea to simply update the original post with any new (to me) category of resource or tutorial that looks the biz. And, I might even try to re-create one or two tutorials.


Paper texture tutorials





Paper textures (free to download) round-ups








...more to follow, though at this rate I may need to find another resource in which to stash these useful links.

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