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Advanced MYSQL statements

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Hello everybody,


I've been a full member of killer site uni for a few months now and I'm learning quite a lot due to the content provided in the killer site members area;


Presently I'm trying to develop a wordpress plugin and I've ran into a challenge that is has hurt my head for the last few days.


What I'm trying to accomplish is to create a separate view out of the three MySQL tables below so that my php application can loop through and display it on page.


I'm working on my localhost WAMP and working with MySQL via the terminal. I would really appreciate if some MYSQL experts here could help me resolve this problem,


I think it may be easier to show you the three tables I'm trying to join together in order to produce the view for my php application.


1. Here are My 3 tables below displayed in pic;





2. Below is a pic of the table VIEW that I wish to produce from the 3 tables above .





3. Here is my msql file with the 3 tables so that you can easily dump it into your test database.





I'm trying to create a table view that looks like what I provided above in ( no 2.)

from the three tables above in ( no 1.)




Really appreciate the help or any other ideas to produce the same result and look forward to contributing to





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