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I have developed THIS website for a client. She likes it well enough (Although I am not personally thrilled with it! And it is, of course, unfinished!)


It, obviously, need a shopping cart to be fully functional.


This is way over my head to accomplish!


Any body interested in tackling this task?





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I have done several stores but using mostly one shopping cart that is supported by windows server. However, if you are on linux then there a good number of carts you can use. The question is what she is budgeted for? How many products she intends to sell? What does she expect in return of sales? Security? Simplicity? Quality? Upgradablity? Support?


Too many times owners of web stores mismanage their shopping cart by not keeping it up to date...doing customization themselves, etc. Sometimes they fail to monitor their store to make sure it's still fully functional. He/She will also have to decide if they want to maintain customer info including credit cards on their server or allow third party to handle such info such as Paypal or any other payment gateway that will keep that info for them.


Free carts or commerical carts. Online store carts or carts she owns outright. There are so many and can be quiet challenging to decide which one is the right one for their store.


Although I don't need the work but if you find that no one has stepped up and offer their services then by all means message me.

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If I were you, search for a good open source shopping cart like ZenCart and provide her with a few shopping cart options. Most are easy to install and allow you to edit the stock header/footer. You could probably get it done in a couple of hours. Thereafter, it's up to her to learn the cart and keep it up to date.

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Hello I am new I will post an introduction for myself in another section.


Have you had a look at Prestashop? It's a great solution though again I am not sure if exactly it would be what your client requires. It's amazingly fast though compared to some others I have found with like allowing for Ajax searches even a function identical to Instant Search from Google, just an opinion though again not entirely sure if your client would need all the things that Prestashop offers. To be honest nor does the company I work for to which I am profiling Prestashop for, trying to load as many of our products on as possible at this present moment and have not seen any decrease in its power.


The only 1 downside I can see at the moment is that it does not have the Payment Integration we require at work, though it is available through their mods/plugins but at a cost since the actual Prestashop package is entirely free.


ZenCart was one I looked at and it appears great for what it does though, there's literally loads even if you want to make your own there's guides out there, what I am planning on doing in the next few months from this site, can't wait really but I want to get doing on my TCP socket server (decided to start off the TCP socket server in PHP for some peculiar reason :D, no offence to PHP but I have been advised you get up to say 6 maybe concurrent connections and it just lacks and gets really laggy).


Just for thoughts really good luck with your work, unfortunately I am too busy at the moment but really loving this forum and the tutorials,


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I mean don't be so hard on yourself either is my opinion (I am to myself allot wanting to really get into doing OOP myself, why I came on here), after say 3-4 years of doing this kind of work in ecommerce at large I find it really easy myself now to work out what works or what might work sometimes for someone/company but I have been doing this constantly, it's in a nutshell down to pure experience the more you review and look at existing solutions out there the more it will just click into place.


I hope that makes some sense? :D

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