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Jquery Slideshow Timer Difference In IE

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Please take a look at this is both Firefox and IE and pay attention to the transition intervals between slides. The function for the timer is set for 3500 which is about 3.5 seconds. Firefox is fine but IE seems to take twice as long.


Any suggestions?

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I didn't time it, just watched the show in both browsers simultaneously, and they appeared to in the same rhythm - one just a little behind the other, as I had to open one at a time, but in synch.


Or are you talking about an initial delay, not the 'show' itself?(I didn't notice one, but if that's what you mean, I'll try again and focus on that).

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I just checked Stef's killersites.com home page slideshow and it too showed to be much slower for IE vs. Firefox. It's about 8 seconds for FX while IE takes about 22 seconds. Almost 3 times longer.


Is it my browser or is everyone getting the same time difference?

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