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using video sharing scripts?


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hi all,

I'm not a webdesigner and so dont have much knowledge in webdesign, I managed to get a static site up and running once using dreamweaver. I want to create a Video sharing site (Yeah I know...old news, but i still wanna!) I looked up a lot of stuff and found that there are open and closed source scripts that one can buy/download depending on what you want etc. My trouble is that I'm not sure what to do with the script once I download it. I'd like to try and do as much as I can before getting to a designer etc, cos I don;t have the many thousands of $?? that they are looking for. I figured if i can do as much as possible starting out, I will save money + possibly learn something. One site said that i needed the info I've pasted below. can someone please tell me if it's possible for a numbskull like me to do what I want, and if you've answered yes, ..just tell me how, possibly step by step. Alternatively, point me in the right direction, cheers everybody!!!


Server Requirements


* Server Running Linux

* Apache Web Server (Mod_Rewrite enabled)

* MySQL (Version 4.x or higher)

* PHP (Version 4.3 or higher)

* GD Library 2

* cURL Enabled

* Latest IonCube loaders

* .htaccess and URL rewrites enabled


Note: These are common features of most webservers!


Also Required


* FFmpeg (http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu)

* FFmpeg-PHP (http://ffmpeg-php.sourceforge.net)

* MEncoder and Mplayer (http://www.mplayerhq.hu)

* LAME (http://lame.sourceforge.net)


Note: These are required to run VidiScript. We cannot support the installation, or use of these addons, however your hosting provider can.


Recommended PHP Configuration


* safe_mode = off

* max_execution_time = 1000

* max_input_time = 1000

* open_basedir = (no value)

* upload_max_filesize = 200M

* post_max_size = 200M

* register_argc_argv = On

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Best bet is to start with a Content Management System. Many of these are free and will control your member ship so only members can download or upload videos.


Then you will want to talk to a lawyer about the possibility of getting sued for music videos or porn or other such things that are illegal or copyrighted that could be slipped on the site and leave you open to litigation.


Then talk to your host. Will they allow such a site? How much is their biggest plan, because videos upload and download or viewing all goes on your bandwidth and they use allot so you need a aweful lot of bandwidth and server space as they can be large files, especially those uploaded by people who do not know better and have no idea about making them smaller.


Then decide if you want to pay for streaming video and if your host supports streaming video, that will cost extra as well.


Then follow the directions on the script to set it up and link it within the CMS.


Doable... but it is not worth the cost of it to me nor the chance of getting sued.

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so to avoid all this, you're saying to avoid the idea altogether? (I feel that I have an idea that's worth a punt, it's just uploaded videos from users - no other source, ie it has to be original information only - non adult) Or are you saying that it's better to just shell out the bucks and get one of the big boys to do it? BTW thanks for the reply!

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No I am saying there is alot more to it than you think. For me it is not worth it. Your choice for you.


But how will you ensure that it is original? How will you ensure it is not adult? YouTube has rules to that are regularly broken.


Also as I say, videos take up allot of space and allot of bandwidth, so it will be expensive, then add streaming video to that. You also have to be prepared for the extra fees or closing of your site when the bandwidth limit is met before the end of the month.


It is not as simple as it looks. You must study up on it and shop for a good affordable host and talk to them of what you want to do, maybe they will create a special packet for you...

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is there any way of "Piggybacking" on a current video upload site but having a personal profile where a user owns a portion of bandwith or whatever and can regulate what is put up. e.g. like an own page with a seperate URL that people can log on to and upload. It could be a good way to test the market before shelling out for a full on, persoanlly dedicated sharing site? hope this question isn't to silly. I have an account with youtube but there's no "Wall" between stuff that I'd like to keep seperate to the mainstream videos.

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