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How to share local website (from mamp) to other computers in the network


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I got my first mac few months back and been using MAMP for my websites. I just read an article that said that I could enable "web sharing" from the preferences. This would enable me to view the websites from my mac on my PC.


However, this only allowed me to view HTML files.


So is there a way to share the MAMP websites? so that I would not only be sharing html but also php and mysql.



As I said this is very new to me so I am sorry if I am not using the correct terminology,


I hope you can help



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I am not familiar with MAMP but I have used WAMP in the past. Basically, you need to enable your MAMP to be online and configure it so that it displays php along with the database content. Odds are that the url you use to view it via on a Mac may not be the same when viewed from any other computers whether be a Mac or Pc. There is more to what I am saying here which I believe this is best answered by the the folks at the MAMP Forum.

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If you are just talking about viewing the page locally within your home network, you don't need to turn on OSX's built in webshare. MAMP can share pages perfectly fine, you just need to punch in your mac's ip adress from the PC, and then the port number for MAMP, as far as i recall it runs on a port 8888, so you would have to punch in for instance in the PCs browser

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