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bidding out a web project

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Hi all,


I would like to bid on a web project and would like your opinions on what to charge.

Here are the details:

> 1.Do you have your own images or do they need to be created?

> 2.Are you going to have video?

> 3.Do you have the copy written or do you need those services as well?

> 4.How many pages do you want to start with?

> 5.Do you have a domain name and hosting company or is that something you

> will need?

> 6.What is your timeline?

> 7.What is the over-all purpose of this site (i.e. generate leads,

> information gathering, selling(products and or services))?



Probably just pull some images of the Net, Or buy some on photostock.


Yes i would like to do a video, and over time add a series of video's


I can write the most of the content.


5-10 pages to start


I would like to have the site indexed by halloween


It is mainly to inform, generate leads. and sale our products.


I would also like them to schedule phone conferences from a button on the home page. 55% of clients come from out of town.


Here are two of the website the client wants to mirror:





Your Thoughts?

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