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Hi guys. I need a Drupal guy here :rolleyes:


I am building a website for a client using Drupal 7. One feature of this site is a link at the top of the browser which when i click it a dialog box pops up with a form in it.


The form comes in the dialog using AJAX. Also the form submits using AJAX.


The page where the form is called is here. Try to submit the form to see the AJAX thing. It works ok. But when i load the form in the dialog form it loses the ajax submit functionality. I know this is happening because new content comes in the page and it needs to rebind the AJAX action. However drupal uses a form api to builds forms and there is a backend mechanism for AJAX in the forms so i only i need to write the php side of the ajax process. The problem is that i can't find out how to rebind the ajax submit when i load a form using ajax. In the above link you can see what i mean.


If i wasn't clear enough please ask me to explain more.

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