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The XML file should exist within /wp-content/plugins/[name of space plugin]/. I'm assuming the XML file controls what images display.


The gallery can be inserted in one of two ways:


-- by editing your theme, and inserting the provided PHP code n a page template or whereever you want it to display

-- by adding the short code "[space-gallery=filename=space-gallery.xml&height=450]" into a WYSIWYG field, like the content of a blog post or page. You may need to update the XML path name to point to the correct file, and adjust the height to your liking.

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Well I come to find out I don't like this plugin....But I have looked at this one...



Part of the instructions are below and I have a hard part with "place something like" what do you mean something like? And "in your templates" what templates?


3. Place something like `<?php if (function_exists(boslideshow_show())) { boslideshow_show(); } ?>` in your templates within the desired div tag.


Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

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