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Cheaper to get WP site coded from scratch or template altered?

Guest pim2011

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Guest pim2011



Any help you experienced designers and programmers can give would be much appreciated. I need a magazine WP site created for my small business and the questions I need help and advice on are:


1. Is it cheaper to get psd designs done then a company to code it or to alter a template?

2. Is wordpress better than html for a magazine website?

3. A similar but more complicated website than I want is www.agfg.com.au - is this a wordpress site? how do you tell? what kind of $ would I be looking at for this?

4. Is it better to self host or use provider?


I appreciate any advice and please remember I am a beginner level - this is not my field of expertise and I am trying to learn more.




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1 - Altering an existing template is probably easier/faster. Depends on how significant the changes are that you need. If your changes basically require a new theme, then the price difference may be negligible.


2 - If you plan on running a magazine website, I'm assuming that means you will need to add/remove/edit content easily. In that case, yes, Wordpress (or another CMS) makes sense.


3 - AGFG does not use Wordpress. I'm not sure what it is using, but it is ASP.NET based. You can see if it is using Wordpress based on the source code within the <head> section -- usually it will reference Wordpress, or you will notice the "wp-content/themes" folder. I can't tell you how much money would be involved... it depends on who you work with and the rates in your local area. A single freelancer will probably charge less than a full web company. I would expect to pay a minimum of $800 for someone who knows what they are doing.


4 - Most people are not set up/do not have the technical knowledge to run their own servers. You should be fine hosting with a hosting company.

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