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Hello everybody,


It has been a long time I haven't posted in this forum. I'd like to submit a new website I just created. The client wanted a very dynamic horizontal scrolling site. The whole thing was very challenging because I used a lot of javascript, iframes, etc.


I know the code is not perfect, and it doesn't validate 100%, but I think it works ok.




Any comments/critics are welcome...





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It's pretty nice even though I am not a big fan of horizontal paging. One thing I would suggest is give the gray text (Nosotros page) a bit more brightness. Maybe #999 color.


As for validation, Just about all of it can be fixed. Most of them are missing alt="" tags. Some are frameborder="no"...it should be either 1 or 0. In this case 0.


The script tags did not validate because it's missing type="text/javascript".

<script type="text/javascript">

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I'll correct those validation mistakes right away. I am not a fan of horizontal scrolling sites either. It has been a nightmare to me putting all together: horizontal scrolling, multiple slideshows, Google locator, etc., etc. Also, the client (a small company) was very very demanding, changing the design every two weeks...


I'm not used to create sites like this, I prefer the good old vertical style, but I really have to say that I learned a lot doing this.





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