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HTML5 Audio

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Hi all

Im in the process of building a band website, and one of the pages is entirely audio, I have 5 tracks all of which are mp3, this works in IE9, chrome and safari.

I have made copies of the tracks, and want to change the mime type to wav, so firefox and opera users can also listen, does anybody know how I can change the mime type in windows 7.

Also for non html5 enabled browsers nobody can listen so as a fallback I'm planning to put a link to the bands myspace page and also suggest politely to users that they might want to update their browsers to say google chrome, so they don't have to go the myspace page.

Does anyone have experience of using html5 audio and have any better ideas? and how to change the mime type from mp3 to wav?



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I am not so sure about using wav versus mp3 because of the file size. It seems to me you need to find a jquery script that will play mp3 for all browsers. You might check into this one.

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