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virus on my wordpress blog!!!!


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I'd start with the index file. Look at the code in there and see if something has been added that shouldn't be there. Also, look at file save dates - that might give you a clue what was last accessed.

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Some Wordpress viruses are simple to remove, others a pain.


First - does your webhost keep backups? How many changes / posts / comments have been made since? A good webhost will roll back the server to the last good backup for you.


If this is not possibly then a clean installation of wordpress is the safest option. Backup yout database (use phpmyadmin) and your theme (although the theme files are likely hacked) and do a new clean install, insert the database and use a default template.


Hopefully you have your theme files stored locally so can update the old them


Next - cause of virus. Most are caused by shoddy plugins that allow people to upload content. Do any of your plugins do this? Contact form with attachment? Image uploader? My last one was caused by a plugin to allow images to be uploaded and saved to the server.


Once the site is clean back up the server again.


Oh, one virus I saw also infected temp files / logs. So delete these.


And .... change your wp-config security keys http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Security_Keys - if someone has access to your blog, they will still be logged in otherwise.


And check for dummy users in your admin and in your database.

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