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Java OOP Basics Tutorial

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Some of you may know that I did a lot of Java programming back in the day. I was big into Java web programming using Servlets, JSP and various Java frameworks too. Although I created my own simple MVC framework based on JSP and POJO's.


... This can be very lucrative ($$) because once you have a framework in place that you know, you can really be productive. This applies to any language including PHP, Ruby, Javascript and of course, Java.


Anyway, I've been considering putting together a Java basics tutorial concentrating on Java OOP since Java is still the most popular server side web programming language and since Android development is done with Java.


Anyone at all interested?





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Yeah, me too! I'm in my final year, and I have to go back and program a mobile app in Java. Last time I did some Java was three years ago, and that wasn't very much.


Also, I'm doing an internship where the company uses ColdFusion instead of PHP for their websites. They told me CF also uses Java libraries, or Java-something anyway. So I think those vids would come in handy:)

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Any progress on this course idea?

I've been doing JAVA, and it wasnt until I started learning Java that I really "got" programming. I had played with PHP before that.

Anyway I fully intend to become a good Java programmer, because it's the highest paying here in the UK. If freelancing/being an entrepreneur doesn't work out. Although a computer science degree seems to be required for a lot of these Java jobs.


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