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Testing Website in old versions of Firefox


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I have just about finished my first website, however I need to do some more testing, I already have the means to test in IE all the way back to 5.5, and I have the latest version of Chrome, Safari, and Opera, and also Firefox. Regarding the latter I have been advised

to test my sites on older versions of Firefox. I tried to download them, however the last version downloaded replaced the previous version.

So how do you test your site on old versions of Firefox, is there some software available, or do you even have to buy some software to enable you to do this. I think its the most popular browser, and I guess many people don't have the latest version.

Any help is welcome.



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Thank you so much, I was searching the web for a good hour few hours to try and sort this out:))))

Also, as there are many versions, which ones should I download, that are the most popular? I have been advised to back as far as version 3.

I also run Windows7 64 bit, so I guess there's a limit to what I can actually use.

Thanks again


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