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Webpage centering problem


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Back again.


Still having problems with centering my web pages…


My HOME page is perfectly centered: Link: http://tokyo-chef-institute.com/


However, all my other pages are justified to the left: Link: http://tokyo-chef-institute.com/metropolistTokyo


I used the following codes.





<div style="margin: 0 auto; width: 900px;"> Note: set your width to whatever size your framework is.







Any ideas on why it’s not working?




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Overall, I think your code is messier now than it used to be. The reason your index page centers is that is has a div="wrapper" around all the body contents that is centered by this CSS:

#wrapper { 	width:1050px; margin:0 auto; }


Your other pages are missing that wrapper division.

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Guest jhjonsonsk

Every web programmer knows that you can't code a commercial website for a specific browsers or user experience level, much less a screen resolution. Since you can't count on a user having the latest and greatest, you need to use the lowest common denominator of browsers resolution. In today's web world, 1024x768 is usually the lowest browser resolution coded for.

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