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Is this site excessivily slow in loading for you?


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I have recently been forced into using a new Internet Provider and this site, which I just finished, is slow as molasses in January to load (for me!).


Admittedly it is heavy in photos, especially in the pages showing montages of properties, but also the "home" page.


I have been promised that when 4G service comes to our area this will improve for me, but I am still a bit concerned. Does it seem OK to you?


I am personally fairly proud of the site, but constructive critique is always welcome!

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Thank you all, I am quite relieved!


It is my ISP as I suspected.


@ Archadian, Glad you liked the place! They have a problem with CEO ranking with the site I designed for them. Working on that.


All best wishes to all responders and the rest of "The Gang"



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