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Review of the design

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It's also at the very top of the page.

I think the issue that Archadian was trying to point out is that the styles that you have used for the main navigation at the top of the page and the navigation at the bottom of the page are counter-intuitive. One would expect the main navigation on the page to be larger than any of the other navigation elements, since it is the most important. But your main navigation uses a smaller text size, and the footer navigation is styled with a lot of white space and dividers between each item, and that confusion could cause people to think they need to navigate with the navigation at the bottom of the page. Most footer navigations have minimal styling, and often they are just text links, rather than a styled navigation with dividers and hover effects and such.

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One other comment I have... In my view, the design and layout of the home page really needs to reflect why the user should use this site. Why is this business directory better than all of the others out there? How is it better than Yelp, the Yellow Pages, etc? What sort of features sets it apart? The text and supporting images that you choose all need to support that goal, and at least for me, it seems like that could currently use a bit of work.

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Thanks guys!


Well, i've gotten a lot of mixed responses on the bottom navigation; some love it, some hate it. I had originally duplicated the top to the bottom, but then realised i need to do MORE with the top, and so i put all the important elements at the top, and the "general" elements at the bottom (which are also at the top, but styled differently). Pretty much, the top has ALL of the important links, whereas the bottom only has the MOST important links. It IS obvious, however, that something should be considered as, evidently, half the visitors are going to have an issue with it (i say this because half of the reviews had an issue with it). So, yeah, i'm going to have to do something about that. I think i know what that something is, too...


As far as your other points, i will use those points when planning the next phase of remodelling.


Thanks again guys!.

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Ha, "Error, you do not have permission to report the item you're trying to report"! That's funny. So i can't even tell the mods that @bheema is a spammer. Screw them.



Thanks again, i'm actually going to be redoing a lot of the top nav tonight. I redid the footer, and i think you guys will agree that it's much better.


My game plan for the night/morning (i work at night) is to create the important content; emphasise and SUMMARISE the front page to quickly highlight and guide the user to the important elements of the website; and to fix the top nav to reflect this change, etc.


I think by tomorrow night / tonight (it's 03:30 here) i will have a MUCH better website. Thanks to all of you, for your input.

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Hey guys, thanks much for the feedback. I've added and improved upon the site quite a bit now; but I've got another question:

Do you think that it looks better the way it is now (hit refresh), or, with the Alternate Theme (testing theme)?


If you open the main menu at the top, there are 2 small links on the bottom left of the menu when it opens, titled "Default Look" and "White (testing)". Clicking on them will switch between them. The white theme is not done, and i'm kinda stuck on what more to do with it. On some pages it just feels a lot cleaner and more Professional; but on most pages it just feels plain and empty...


Can you guys give me your opinion on which looks better so far? I would greatly appreciate it.



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