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i am creating online exam management system and i have some problems


in the dbase i have two tables

one for questions the other one is for answer

now the form that the admin would use in creating the questions

first field question number

2nd field- question

3rd field- subject type

4th field suppose to carry the answers..

and the value of the answers..




which form element would be able to do all i want and what are the other things i need to know about the online exam system

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I think you'll need to explain your question a bit better?


okay i need to know the following


1How would the Admin and the User system looks like


2.what are the form element to do this because the admin have to load the question


how are u going to store and retrieve the different options for the answers to the questions.


and how would i create the user system too


and other tip for creating the system.


thank you

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Most of these questions are stuff you have to sit down and figure out. Usually whenever I start a large development project, the first step in the process it to write a requirements document that outlines what exactly I am building and how everything will work. Usually that means doing some research to figure out what is currently online that is similar, what sort of functionality they offer, and how you might want to make your application similar or different.


I really can't answer any of these questions. I don't know what the system will look like -- that will be up to you and whoever you are working for. I can't tell you what form elements you need because you are the one building the system, not me, and it depends on the features you need. They'll be standard inputs though, textareas, text inputs, and selects most likely. Storing and retrieving the options should be done using a database and probably mysql.

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