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Apple or PC

Terri Lynn

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Hi all,


I have always been a PC girl. I buy a new Toshiba every 2-3 years. I use Dreamweaver to build websites. I have been looking at the mac's and really like them a lot, and I am due for a new computer. Can any one who has used both tell me the pros and cons of both?


Thanks Terri :)

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For web design specific stuff, it doesn't matter a whole lot which one you choose. I'm personally a Mac fan, since I have found they make me more productive (they are fast, powerful computers, I don't have to deal with viruses/adware/spyware, and they barely ever crash) but you need to find what works best for you.


A couple things to consider though:


-- Your current software is probably not compatible. Just because you have Dreamweaver on the PC doesn't mean you can simply reinstall it on the mac. You may have repurchase or acquire a Mac version in some other way.


-- One advantage of a Mac is that you can use something like VMWare Fusion to run multiple versions of Windows in virtual machines (Windows can run at the same time as the Mac OS, which means no having to restart your computer to start a new operating system), so you can test your websites on a variety of browsers. Microsoft even provides free versions of Windows for testing purposes: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=21eabb90-958f-4b64-b5f1-73d0a413c8ef For example, I'm currently set up so I can test on all versions of IE 6-9, and then working on a Mac means I can test on Mac browsers as well.

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I totally agree with Ben, the Mac is the superior machine and you do not have to change it every 2 - 3 years. Just update the OS. With an Intel Mac you have a PC too so you are getting two machines in one.


As for running your Dreamweaver on it. That isn't a problem as you can always install it on the PC side. I have both DW and Photoshop on the PC side as well as on the Mac OS.


Great piece of info about the free testing version Ben, I was wondering how to install IE9 without overwriting 7 and 8.

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I was in IT hardware sales and I learnt one thing, for the price of a mac u get more pc. Mac is also limited, but with pc there is a whole lot more options to choose from. I've had plenty of pc's and never crashed and with the right software never a virus to worry about. I now have a Sony VAIO, last was a Dell Inspiron and next will be Asus G74.


Mac are also moving away from their small-end developers. Have a friend who does video editing and mac have closed the door on her and the likes because their focus is now becoming retail. Software updates and compatibility with other systems is a problem. Have to run virtual machines, slows the machine down. Tested on both a G5 and MacBook pro. Additionally upgrading can be a problem as you have only Apple to rely on.


You see, mac is one company, with a few different departments. Whereas with pc, the competition is stiff and therefore better R&D. Mac actually put other manufacturers components in their machines like Sapphire, Asus and Intel.


At the end of the day I guess its a matter of taste, but before you commit, look around at forums that don't report on the positives, but rather the negatives and then you will have a better idea of what you will want to avoid.


Examples here:




and the winner is:


Hope you

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I always wanted a Mac, but in Germany it is almost impossible to get, at least in the early 2000's in Berlin.


When I came here I was web master for a newspaper, the online version. I finally had a Mac and was not impressed. Hated it really. But that said I must qualify that with the fact I had about 200 Mm of space left from earlier users and was not allowed to do anything about it. New Macs were ordered but arrived after I left. So it may just be the Mac I had that was bad.


Now in Juneau I have to go to Anchorage (5000 miles and a commercial airplane flight) to get to the nearest Mac store, no one sells or services them in town.


Every other job I ever had used Windows. All my software is for Windows. Not a big fan of Virtual machines. If you take care with a PC you can avoid viruses.


In the end, I would have to say Windows is the easiest to deal with as far as servicing and getting software for in the store. Also if price is an issue.


Have you worked with a Mac at all? It is a different OS and takes time to get used to... what if you don't like it? I would try to find one to play with first. Maybe the local IT teacher at a school, both my daughters Elementary and Middle school use Macs, they may be of help.


One last note: Happy "National Macintosh PC Day" (Jan. 25th) !!!!!!!!!!! clap.gif

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