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Hi Everyone,

I am just canvassing peoples views on using Silverlight in building web sites. I have been given Expression Blend to learn how to use Silverlight, along with some tutorials. I am very impressed with what I have seen, and am quite excited about learning it, and using it as part of my web design skillset.

I have only been learning web development for 5 months, so I only know so much, like how Flash is not as prominent due to its non use with Apple products, which are going from strength to strenght.

So what are peoples views on using Silverlight, and do you think it has a strong future? Is there anything better as a competitor?


Thanks in advance.


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Oh I have had sights and such that use Silverlight and I like it. But I have never used it myself in a sight and I have my qualms about it until I see some good Accessibility reviews. Flash will always be a bit of a problem with accessibility but it has improved greatly and I no longer really hold major concerns about it. Simply put after all this time I have still heard nothing about Silverlight and it's accessibility.


I would strongly suggest you check out theAccessify Forum, it specializes in web accessibility and may have some insight into Silverlight accessibility. I have not been there in quite some time.


Another place that may be of use is the Computer Arts Forum. Computer Arts is British magazine, it handle more artistic stuff like Photoshop tutorials, but it may be a good place to ask as well.


I have never heard Silverlight really mentioned here so I am not sure you will find to many people who have used, it, but still some opinions maybe.

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