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Can anyone tell me how i can put the 'rounded corners' effect on my horizontal main links. The rounded corners can be seen in Firefiox, but IE shows them as square and I'd like to keep these consistent (rounded if possible)



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Sorry - also my client says he sees 'red lines' showing up everywhere on this site using his laptop with IE 8.


If anyone else sees this, would you let me know of any tips on how i can fix it? (I have IE 8 on my desktop and dont see random red lines, and i can't replicate the effect using any of my browsers...)

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If you are using CSS3 to round the corners, there really isn't an easy way to emulate that functionality. You are stuck with either using images or some sort, or a combination of images + javascript. Searching for "cross browser rounded corners" should give you some options.


I'm not seeing any "red lines" in IE8, besides the one right above the navigation, which I believe is purposely there. You may need to ask the client to send you a screenshot or something.

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Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and for the info Ben. I using a pre-made js script (menumatic) for this drop down so im not sure if they are using css3. I like your idea of using images, maybe I'll just uses a js hover for it if no better solution can be found.


As for the red lines, it sounds like a graphic card problem, the red lines will disappear as he scrolls down or up (but will appear in other places). Not sure what im going to do to solve that for him now.

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