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Looking for a good Style Guide template for online site


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I'm working on a pretty detailed online gaming project with a top-tier game studio. Many pieces are starting to come together, and it is exposing the need for a good style guide to ensure consistency.


I was wondering if anyone here might have a decent template or resource they could point us to in order to ensure we are putting together a style guide that will achieve it's goals.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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thanks for clarifying, and apologies for a newbie question.


at a high-level, what i'm trying to work towards with our game studio is a document that codifies consistently the behavior of different elements of the web site. so for example, if certain buttons are 'live' in that you click any part of a certain object it takes you to a different page, those animate consistently. similarly that animation should be different than another text box that doesn't behave in the same way.


my sense is that there'd be a style guide for that, but a style sheet may do the trick--not sure what it's called exactly. in any case, i'd be happy to get my hands on a template of either to get some ideas on how to build such a thing.

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The best style guides I know are from Apple and the Gnome Foundation. These are probably overkill, though, especially if you're giving them to a client.


For site-level style guides, I have my own template that I'm not really willing to share (lots of work went into that!), but you can build one the same way I did - go to University sites and get ideas from there, then build your own. A good example to start with is Caltech.


One day, I'll probably bundle my style guide template, the scripts I use to make the graphics, and a short tutorial and offer them for sale. Heck, now I'm thinking about doing the same for a lot of the things I use to make my life easier - I'm sure there are web designers out there without the scripting experience that would pay to save themselves the time involved in manually creating all this stuff!

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That is all basic good design. The style sheet creates the consistency in the look and the HTML aka the template controls the consistency of the structure. So you need simply put together a template.


That said, if it is for gamers, you would want to use a content management system or it may even be justified to create a web based Flex App. You would be catering to high end gamers mostly with good systems so a well built Flex application may make the site more interesting for them. Just keep disabilities in mind so you can be sure it would be accessible. http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/ and Flex Showcase

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