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breakdown the stages of developing a website


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hi, a friend is planning to invest in a website for his estate agency, hes looking for a website which looks exactly(except graphics and colors) like:



i have no experience in developing websites but the person who has been commissioned to develop it,is going to let me participate so i can gain some experience.



could you please breakdown the stages of developing this website and what tools(design,layout,html,css,flash,photoshop,php) could be used to complete each stage.



thanks in advance

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Here are the stages I usually follow:


  1. Planning:
    Initial planning & research on the company
  2. Wireframing:
    To get the basic layout in place and figure out the site hierarchy. I usually also use this stage to decide on a site map.
  3. Design:
    At this point, I usually move to Photoshop and design several of the important pages. In most cases, it's just a home page and a content page mockup, but it depends on the project. In some case additional mockups are needed, especially if custom PHP functionality is required.
  4. Static Code:
    In this stage, I slice up the design in Photoshop and move to a code editor (I personally use Coda for Mac, but you could use Dreamweaver or any text editor) and build out the basic HTML/CSS for each of the mockups.
  5. Building out the site/Content Entry:
    Exactly what goes on in this stage depends on the project. In some cases, for a static HTML/CSS based site, I build out all of the pages manually. For a project that uses a content management system, I would take the HTML/CSS that I created in step 4 and build it into the CMS.
  6. Custom Development:
    If custom PHP development is necessary, I would do it in this stage. I don't necessarily always make this step #6, it just depends on the project. For some projects, if the core of the site is some specific development functionality, like a site search, I might do this core functionality earlier in the project to ensure I have a working demonstration to show to the client.
  7. Bug checking/Quality Assurance
    Just spend time checking the site for errors or for functionality that doesn't work correctly.
  8. Launch, and post launch testing:
    I put the site live on the web, and ensure that everything is working properly.
  9. Maintenance & Updates as necessary

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Yes -- you would use Photoshop to create any necessary graphics, use HTML/CSS to create the basic form and form inputs, and then most likely some PHP and Javascript to make the form function correctly and perform the search.


Im creating the homepage in photoshop right now, have a look at it and give me any advice/tips that you can.thanks




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