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Sign Language [7 April 2006]


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This is an area I am just now getting into, so I am not an expert but will post the links I get here.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • The standard Language in the US is American Sign Language (ASL), other countries use other versions that fit their language and alphabet. However it is said that to foreigners speaking their sign languages can better communicate than we with our spoken languages. Whikipedia quotes a book that claims it is the third most used language behind English and panish.
  • Estimates suggest 500,000 to 2 Million people use ASL in the US. Canada and parts of Mexico use it as well.
  • The UK uses BSL , British Sign Language. It is different then ASL.
  • If your site offers Video or audio such as tutorials, you should consider a sign language version if plausible and someone is available. Naturally the Minimum is a text manuscript
  • Many web sites claim AAA accessibility. That is really short of impossible. It requires you to supply content in a language the user would best be served with. This means they would need a choice between sign language and text manuscript. Course for instance Killersites offeres video tutorials, we have members in both USA and UK, so to claim AAA Stef would have to supply text versions and offer ASL as well as BSL. Course if we have or he can expect other foreigners then their SL would be needed as well. Makes AAA mpossible unless you have big money backing you.
  • The second most used language in the US is Sign Language above Spanish and just behind English


So if you are interesting in learning more:

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