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Alternative to frames?


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I have a menu at the top of my page, and I want to link to several content pages in the body of my site.

I want to link my menu items to the same main region of the page (like having a 2 row frame).


I've not designed in a while..is there an easier way to do this than creating a frame-set? Any help is appreciated (:

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Erm, personally I'd give framesets a miss, even though that's what I first used to create my first website with -- eons ago. :lol:


Nice menu, btw, even though I can't see to read it.


You'll find most of the resources for learning stuff at the home page of this website...










When you've learned to do the simple things you won't have to resort to things like restricting a user's browser window. Not very clever that. Really, it isn't.


There are other resources of course. HTML dog springs to mind. I like the look of that site, and everything about it looks clean. But really, start with a little html (html 4 strict) and an understanding of what css can do for you, and you're laughing -- maybe? :)

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For starters, for you to resize MY browser is not ok. I have it set where it is because that's how I like it. So when your page opens with my browser reduced, the first thing I do is get it back to the size I want it to be (of course then I can see that your page looks bad UNLESS it's whatever size you designed for) and the second thing I do is close the window.


In your code - this line:




is all wrong - if you need to create space, use padding or margins in your CSS. Look into the links macRanking provided, and for an excellent alternatives to frames (frames are BAD), read this thread: http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/357/repeating-sections-of-code-on-many-pages/.


Other than that, if something is unclear or doesn't work, we're always here to help. Just don't mess with my computer, please :D

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I want to link my menu items to the same main region of the page


If you mean an alternative to the target="" for frames to open a link in a defined area of the same page, then you probably need to use PHP.


However, PHP is server-side processing, so the click on the link has to be fed back to the hosting service for processing and downloading again for a different display, unless a session can be used.


Someone with more PHP knowledge than mine needs to answer this.


I expect Javascript or Ajax (both client-side processing) could also do it.

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Even if you build the whole thing in Flash you still need a HTML version. How will the alternative user agents that do not support Flash use the site? How will the Search engine use the site if it is ALL just movies. How will those with disabilities use the site? Those with poor eyesight who need larger text, those with color blindness who may need different colors? The blind?


All Flash web sites still need a text/HTML version for those who wish to access it without Flash. Otherwise you are blocking large numbers of people from your site which defeats the purpose.

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Yeah, LSW - you are totally right. I suppose if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. I think I fixed some of the sizing issues and such: I've been tooling around and using a lot of the resources you all recommended. Anyhow- thanks again:)

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