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RESOLVED: Background image won't work, size limit?


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So, weird thing happening, I have a background image here: http://www.rsrwebs.com/images/BG.jpg

And I embed it using CSS, like I normally do:

Body { background-image:url('images/BG.jpg');

But for some really strange reason the image won't show up, and even weirder, when I right-click and select "view background image" I get a 404 message. What? The image is right there! The only thing I can guess is because the image is fairly large in dimension its not working for some reason. I've gotten other much smaller images to work in the code I'm using, and I even cropped the width down and it refused to work. Is there some sort of size limit?


Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Instead of iframes, look into PHP includes - that's the better way to achieve what I think you're after. And tables are not meant for layout-even if you're inserting them in a properly designed page.

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