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Linking entries from MySQL Database


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I know this topic seems generic but I've searched throughout google and these forums with no result.


I have a MySQL database and what I want to do is create a list of the entries (only name field). I need each entry to be hyperlinked and all of them to link to one page. The link will pass the ID field of the entry the person has clicked. From there the second link will take that ID variable and look it up in the MySQL database and pull the rest of the data for that entry to automatically generate an info page.


So far I have this code


                           $query="SELECT ID, Name, Location, Price FROM proclist";
                           $status=mysql_query($query) or die( "Query Failed.");

                           <?php while($nt=mysql_fetch_array($status)){
                               echo "$nt[Name]


However, as is obvious the "pass=ID" only passes the characters ID. Can anyone help me with a solution for this?





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Thanks Benjamin this was exactly what I was looking for.


But when I run this code I get these errors and I can't seem to declare these values:


Notice: Use of undefined constant ID - assumed 'ID' in C:\wamp\www\Med\selftest.php on line 185


Notice: Use of undefined constant Name - assumed 'Name' in C:\wamp\www\Med\selftest.php on line 185


Thank You!

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