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How important is flash when taking a photo for accuracy?

Guest Anna Hussie

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Guest Anna Hussie

So I am curious about this. I have noticed that when I get a photo taken of me far away i look darker and the quality of my appearance is less. When the flash is good I look pretty good.


Also when I take up close up photos I look better as the flash is better. So does the flash make the photo a more accurate depiction of you? Cause when the flash is bad or far away I don't really look like me??


Anyone with photography skills help me out?

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You would get more help on this question by taking it to a photography forum.


It is indeed a vast question, lighting is essential in photography and flash provides light but there are also other considerations. Lighting is also about shadows, reflection and how they affect the subject. With a point and shoot camera, when a photo is taken from far away the flash lights the whole scene and no particular object or person. When the photo is a close up, the flash only has to light one object so you may appear "like you", but it may not necessarily be a great photo of you.


Good photographers understand light and shadows and how they work and reflect off different surfaces. But they also take hundreds of shots to get the right one that is published in a magazine.

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