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perceived background image resolution and page zoom

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I don't believe there is anything you can do about this at this point. Zooming is entirely within the user's control, so it isn't really something that you can anticipate or adapt for as far as I know.


It's obvious to me at least that the graphics on some sites looks better when zoomed than others. That's preprocessing and intelligent choices I'm sure. I'm interested in strategies for this.

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I can't see how any coding will make a difference.


If an image is either coded with width and height in px or is calculated by the browser to use a certain width and height in px, then when a user zooms the number of px is spread out across the screen (fewer px fill the window) without changing the number of px that the image is using, so the image can't get any better, it will get worse as the px spread out. Same with % width and height, the 100% just spreads out to be more than the window size and a scrollbar appears.


I've just looked at one of my sites with an image 600px wide at 400% zoom and it's very pixellated and exceeds the window width, causing a scrollbar.

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