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Hi everyone :)


I've been working on a seamless background -- my first, which I'd like your professional web design opinion on. Now, I can already tell you guys that I'm not particularly fond of it. Maybe the colors are a tad bit too contrasty, or maybe it looks a bit stretched?


It's taken me quite a while to finally have something done on this part of the project. I had hoped that my earlier attempt would have looked special. But those backgrounds also lacked something. Not sure what, as I still prefer them. But, anywho...


Hopefully I will be building a website for a friend of another forum. I'm not a pro, so there is no time limit, as such. I'm just going to plod along like I always do. It's just going to take up some of my time, money, and no doubt will add a streak of white hair here and there, if I hadn't have pulled out all my hair by then. :lol:


Seamless background...



Advanced background trickery... (I can't even remember how I did this now?)


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