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Does Dreamweaver have a Future?

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In this video blog, Stefan discusses the future of Dreamweaver due to the wide use of Drupal, Joomla and WordPress on the Web.




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LOL - it has a future all right, but only because they bought out the two largest competitors over the years. rolleyes.gif


You still need an editor to modify CMS programs and companies will keep using it as few of them have wordpress etc. for their main site.

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I think jackmark is missing the mark....Designing work is not done in DW, that is done in Photoshop or Illustrator.


DW is just a tool that can write (usually not very efficiently) the code necessary to display the design and functionality of a site. As LSW says, it may well have a future, but with the increase in demand for CMS sites, coders will not bother with an expensive tool like DW to write their code and their end user just needs a browser to change whatever he wants in a CMS based website.


Just my 2 cents.

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