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Dreamweaver Synchronize Problem

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I am experiencing a problem with the Dreamweaver CS5 Synchronize function. When I select the 'Delete remote files not on local drive' option on the Synchronize Files window, the 'Preview' screen lists many files that should not be deleted. System files and folders are identified that should not be deleted, such as '/cgi/cgiecho', '/log/raw/etc', '.htaccess', 'access.01..' and on and on. In Manage Sites I have the Root Directory defined as the root folder of the website. I have the Web URL defined as the URL of the website.


Of course I cannot proceed with the delete remote files function as it would mess things up in a big way. But at the same time, since I cannot do the delete I am unable to remove the legitimate image files that I actually want to delete. It's not practical to individually click the files in the Preview window that I don't want to delete (in order to avoid deleting them) because there are well over a hundred of them. I could simply delete the remote files individually but there are many files in the images folder and it's not practical to scroll all over the place trying to find the files that I need to delete.


I've been over it again and again and cannot figure out what is causing it. I have another website on another server that is working fine with the 'Delete remote files not on local drive' option. The Preview only identifies the files that I really want to delete. I went to Adobe website to try and find a link to send an email to support but the webpage that probably has the link displays a 404 and cannot be found. I have searched many forums to see if anyone else is having the same issue as what I am seeing and could not find any.


One last question... Do many of you avoid using the file management tools in Dreamweaver and opt to use a separate FTP application instead? The weirdness I have seen in the DW file management tools make me wonder if they are safe to use. Thank you in advance for any assistance or suggestions.

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