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preg_replace on indexed array


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I cant seem to get preg_replace to work on an array that contains two strings. var_dump of the array $catarray looks like this:


array(2) { [0]=> string(407) "category1\ncategory2\ncategory3\ncategory4" [1]=> string(1026) "category1\ncategory2\ncategory3\ncategory4\ncategory5" }


I am trying to eliminate the line breaks "\n" and replace them with ",". The code I wrote to try this is:


$test = preg_replace("(\n)",",",$catarray);


The dump looks exactly the same as the before I ran the preg_replace. If I run the code on a simple string like "category1\ncategory2\ncategory3\ncategory4" it works as expected. From what I understand about preg_replace it works on arrays, what am I missing?


Again any help would be great, I have exhausted my Google skills on this one.


Thanks for the time,


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Note the way I have written the array and then looped through it performing the change



$array = array(

foreach($array as $values){

   $newArray[] = preg_replace("(\n)",",",$values);   

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";


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