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Hi all


I provide a web development training service for noobs


My stats are telling me I get loads of visits but I am only converting a handful of sales a month


Any tips around converting leads would be great


The site is here

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I think the main thing that stands out to me is after browsing the site as a visitor, I don't feel like the site communicates a strong reason why a visitor should pay for your services compared to the loads of free PHP tutorial resources out there. Based on your examples, it seems like the stuff you cover is so basic that it's easy to find free lessons that will provide the same level of knowledge (on youtube, nettuts, etc.) If your selling point is the fact that you communicate live via skype, I think that needs to be emphasized more.


I also feel like it's difficult to find the example lessons (naming the section "Student Room" really doesn't immediately tell me that it contains some free examples) and they might be too short to get a feel for the quality of the lessons.


Have you analyzed your stats to get a feel for where your visitors are coming from or the sort of search terms they are using? It's possible to get a lot of visitors, but they arrive at the site looking for something different than what you offer. Also, your stats should show you how long they stay on the site and which pages they leave on, which again might indicate why they are leaving.

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