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Hey guys, we've taken a LOT of time developing these systems that this website uses, and they're STILL not quite ready to release to the public, so i was wondering if i could get some feedback from other people on how the site looks, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, on how it feels to them, as far as being usable, what things they hate, what things they like, etc.


The site is http://TheSocialExpo.com


Thanks in advance.

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I made an account, and i like it.


Although, the issue i had was making an account...


Having to skip from the TheSocialExpo to your web design homepage seemed strange - but aside from that its great :D


Now you just need to contend with FaceBook :L

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Yeah, you know, back when i was running eInformationOrganizer.com (which is now MERGED into the social expo, along with Linux Intro), i was having about 10 people sign up every DAY. Since i changed it this way, for reasons that would be difficult to explain, i get about 1 sign up per WEEK. I've got to rethink that process somewhat, because it's killing the site.


Oh, and i don't plan to contend with anyone :D. You see, that site is a showcase of the systems that OTHERS can have, from my company (it talks about that on the main page). So, i'm building that site for other people to see what kinds of systems that they can lease from my company to run on their OWN website :D. Well, that, and i'd like to have my own community ;)

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