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Cold Feet

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I am a relatively new designer and absolutely new at running my own business, I have only been around for about 5 months now; I’ve managed so far to get a good intial client base. Recently though, one of my clients- who was very excited and happy about updating and changing her very old website has gotten cold feet and wanted to postpone the change-over for over two months.


I was able to convince her that the change would be for the best, most specifically since the design is over 4 years old and uses table-layout not CSS, and is static, whereas the site I am designing used WordPress as its CMS.


It’s not a big deal or anything, but I’ve definitely lost the enthusiasm I had for this client and her website, has anyone else had any similar experiences?



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wanted to postpone the change-over for over two months

That's not very long, just wait, but perhaps when she says "over two months" she really means "wait for ever".


The Client is always right! "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".


As long as she's paid you, just move on to the next job.

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lol, I think that is more what she was hinting at.


I did get the 50% upfront, but it’s not really about the money, Since I’m still new, it’s nice to have a good collection of sites to show on the portfolio of my site, just to assure new visitors and potential customers I am genuine and trustworthy when It comes to the design and hosting of sites.


She seems to be coming-round though, probably just cold feet. ^_^



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