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Whats the best way to promote your site?


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I was wondering what the best way to promote your web design business would be, just trying to find different ways to promote to potential clients.





Thanks, for the comments.








Cody Perry

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I can't really comment on the "best" way, but I can share what I do...


To be honest, I don't really promote my site that much. But then again, I'm not doing my business full time, and I'm not actively out there searching for work. 95% of the work that comes in is from people who contact me, not the other way round. That said, I:


-- Try to be active on social media like Twitter (though I haven't had much time for Twitter recently)

-- Post here on the forum and on other forums, in part because of the work I do for KillerSites, because I enjoy helping people, and in part as a way of generating business

-- Constantly talk about what I do to friends/family members/acquaintances.

-- Carry business cards with me at all times, and pass them out whenever I can

-- Provide quality service that encourages clients to refer me to others

-- Have done some basic search engine optimization on my site so it ranks reasonably well for local keywords (for example "chico web design" or similar, since I live in the Chico area.)

-- Do my best to keep my website updated, and make sure that my site itself leaves a good impression and shows off my work in the best possible light

-- Make sure I'm constantly learning (web design, development, graphic design, etc.) The web changes pretty quickly, and I need to stay on top of changes in technology as best I can.

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Since you are into web design, try different types of online marketing (social media, forums, online directories, etc.). Try also to have a blog by telling to the people what you know about web design. In that sense, they might see you as a professional web design business.


But the most important thing here is that give your very best in every web design project/client you will have. If your projects are really with quality, Word of Mouth Marketing and Viral Marketing will just happen.


Good luck and all the best!

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Here are different Best and Most Effective Ways to Promote your website included

Article Directories

Business Directories

Forums Posting

Social Networking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites

Search Engines

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Banner Advertising

Text Link Advertising


Press Releases


Blogs Posting




Portfolio Sites.

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In today scenario Social Media marketing can also work well to promote online business, but SMO activity really required great research regarding target customers, their interest, requirement, spending hours on social media and amny more things. Besides this if you also deliver useful information, free gifts or attractive offers then it will boost your selling for the products.

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