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Custom Vertical Accordion Menu in Wordpress


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Hi Guys,


I am trying to convert an html/css site to Wordpress into a custom theme and have run into a large problem. I have a Jquery vertical accordion menu that I want to integrate into the sidebar. I have scoured Wordpress and Google for something like this, but everthing seems to be either 2 - 3 years old or horizontal drop downs.


I can get the menu to work, but the parent pages are not closed and show all the children pages. I guess because I had to add them as pages, so they would show up in the menu (I'm using the new custom menu feature). The Book Cover and Branding pages' only function is as a trigger to drop down the child pages. You can see the original here, I'm using a modification of the 2nd version.


I am still working locally on the Wordpress functionality so I can only show you a screenshot of the WP problems.


Can anyone help, point me to a plugin or do it for me for a fee?

Picture 1.png

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